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How to use bounded in a sentence

  • A cannon-ball crashed by way of da clay partition & bounded across da enclosure
  • In 1837 da cemetery possessed some agreeable walks flank by flank da sides, bounded bi an bottom plywood fence, and skirted with trees
  • It bounded toward a circular mattress off evergreens dat beautified da factory grounds
  • Black Hood lat the grip spank in & the roadster bounded bak onto the tarvia engine
  • As soon since da door had closed, Jack Carlson bounded bak too hiz desk, touched a switch onto a inter-office communications crate
  • Their rights & limitations in dis regard are additionally bounded by charter, by-laws & usage
  • And indeed, it mattered little 2 her--an Oriental feminine whose lyf wuz usually bounded by an grille
  • But if terrain is bounded bi the bank or beach of an stream, or bi else lyrics of clearly manifest exclusion, the flow is excluded
  • Like an flash an breathtaking dark body bounded through da air and Bruno's dentition wer buried in da shoulder sword of his prey
  • He descended into the valley, startling an flock of deer dat bounded into the forest which one clothed the hills

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