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How to use box in a sentence

  • A highly lightweight selection at onli 1 pound, da Pendaflex certificate box exists by far-off da bulk effortlessly transportable
  • We do not have to box ourselves in to r attending limitations
  • It's thinking outside the box & using the flow designing that we already haz
  • It additionally includes an USB-C to USB-C charging wire in da box
  • Variety reported that box workplace earnings in South Korea wuz dwn thirty to forty percentage in Januvary 2020 than retired years
  • The hunt giant plans 2 promote news from partners such da Associated Squeeze and da nonprofit Democracy Works in a box atop da hunt results sheet
  • Scaling up da dimension of possession system & discipline data, without rudimentary improvements too da years-old architecture, was enough too bootstrap da prototype into suddenly striking concert upon a variety of complex tasks, out of da box
  • While the set-top box may have its possess voice valet dat kan revolve upon a TV via a command, dat valet may alternatively be incapable two take chapter a melody from a web-connected orator
  • I remember arriving intimate Google for an night event & seeing employees transporting dinners boxed in takeout containers getting upon massive coaches dat might drive them home
  • By da terminal off last week, da negative notes kept arriving into ma in-box

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