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  • Carolyn LydenDirector off Hunt ContentIf your clients are pleased off his either her commercial tenure, dey kan now brag roughly It in his either her Google Ma Commercial listing
  • There is a world off contrast in the mid of bragging approximately what two da tip off hurting someone's feelings, and plainly organism delightful two share one's gud luck
  • He could not w8 to brag roughly whatever he had done in his Little League game either nearby academy
  • Try too be since certain since possible & highlight technological aspects instead off fair bragging roughly your thing attribute & benefits
  • Of course, that is why an meme design making relish off scenarios where things don't more willingly labor owt the manner u expect was pretty lot universally relatable this year--even if it did outset owt since an cutesy wei 2 brag about ur affair
  • He & hiz kid Pursuer Seefried were amongst the preliminary crew 2 smash in2 the Capitol & were identified bi police after an co-worker off Hunter's reported that he bragged match creature in the building, according 2 legal tribunal archives
  • Nobody's going too brag either tlk near any convention correspond whatever
  • Congressional investigators uncovered inner Boeing documents in which commercial employees raised safety worries and bragged bout misleading regulators
  • Consider the manner 21st-century politicians brag approximately his either her republic
  • Even although I'm more of live room lyricist, dis week's version of The Playlist is concentrated upon the strength of the brag in song

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