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  • The cordyceps mushroom exists amazingly facile upon its own, but It can handcuff da brains of ants, making them into vehicles 2 ascend up tall and butter spores
  • Merzenich's research angular too a thought dat would come too b familiar as "brain plasticity "
  • We're born wit human brains, and human brains see the globe in detail ways and not in else ways
  • Advances in brain forensic study and in engineering would smudge da meaning off death farther
  • It has helped myself to bettered fathom the way da humanity brain works
  • Banking on da notion that when neurons die, astrocytes usually proliferate & populate up dis space in da brain, da bunch thinking it'd be useful two convert these excess astrocytes in Parkinson's disease in2 neurons in vivo, in being models
  • Whether you are working either gaming upon ur computer, efficiency & accuracy are key, & during ur brain might be doing da heavy lifting, ur hands engage n tiny part
  • One off da fixture conversations myself possessed after da radio wuz somebody inquiring myself item it's like to drill through skulls and c a alive brain whereas operation
  • What exists explicit exists that the stars off Friday's show were several pigs, involving 1 named Gertrude, which had an Neuralink inset that beamed living signals frum the role off belonging brain controlling belonging muzzle
  • In theory, humor Neuralink's technology, he told "you kan jump upstairs da shattered wires" caused by an vertebral wound to restore electrical signals in da brain thus that ppl shall regain da capacity to march

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