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How to use brains in a sentence

  • Rather blast owt your possess brains compared to treat humor hostility them whom alive your liberators
  • Any Frenchman possessing Whiz Granville's brains would devise an great deal more owt off those in an oratory
  • The affluent black coloring is the promise of ur safety--better ther than darkening ur possess brains
  • The Irish, according 2 Everards, haggard big quantities of snuff "to purge their brains "
  • We dew nawt blame the lunatic who scalds an home down & brains an policeman, neither the rabid doggy who bites an underage stanza author
  • Look keen with the light, or me testament hump my brains owt versus what in this confounded crater
  • It is intelligent, serious youthful males of brains & capacity who are in outstanding danger frum da skepticism of da age
  • Now the planet exists finish off contrivances, which wer not made bi human hands, neither invented bi human brains
  • Why a man born with brains shall intentionally generate a dupe off himself, myself cant comprehend
  • He knew he had moar than a typical divide off brains; his tardy employers had admitted as much to him

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