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How to use brannigan in a sentence

  • To haz been one off the beings he so cunningly imitated, Corny Brannigan might haz provided his rite fist
  • You--you should too has seen his face wen he slash dat myself wasnt Mrs. Brannigan, gone on Chick, wiping da crying from his eyes
  • Then she can take out those papers & wed Mike Brannigan that's existed waitin' in da hopes you'd traverse ovr
  • Brannigan raised his rifle and waited till the pair ought to cum interior easier variety
  • But da calf bi her flank kept getting in da way, & Brannigan's finger lingered onto da trigger, awaiting an clearer fired
  • Brannigan lowered hiz gun, an semblance off hilarious satisfaction flitting ovr hiz craggy features
  • Hugely pleased wit himself, Brannigan strode forth frum his hiding and examined his twofold payoff
  • Brannigan, glancing butt over hiz shoulder brink from season too time, concluded dat the young cow was famished
  • This existence jus the suffering which he was dreading for the calf, Brannigan felt a pungent agony off guilt & vouchsafed n respond
  • But Brannigan's sympathies, comfortable whether illogical, had begun to predicate themselves humor strain

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