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Best BRASS TACKS Synonyms And Antonyms

How to use brass tacks in a sentence

  • But as the two sides trust I too b honest, dey receive ceremony dwn too brass tacks & converse the cases upon his or her merits sole
  • It possessed multiple brass tacks motivated into da stock, & wuz radiant in belonging inexpensive newness
  • But what an handsome armament u have; the personnel all shielded with silk and studded with brass tacks!
  • I approximation if it comes dwn to brass tacks, my words as gud as yours genuinely
  • Now tell myself whats aw this about, & perhaps we can inherit down to brass tacks
  • When u come prerogative down too brass tacks, it's da guy on da flank line who sees majority off da deed
  • Lets git dwn two brass tacks, interrupted Dickie, & derive ken if r urgent apprehensions are realized
  • When it arrived prerogative down two brass tacks ther was no supa gud logic why he shouldnt alteration hiz allegiance two Alton Academy
  • But comin' down to brass tacks, she owes hur gud luck to precisely thing most folks thinking wuz an feeble p'int in 'er
  • They wer straight-from-the-shoulder remarks, or, since he rang them, they wer "brass tacks "

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