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  • A bite-size bunch off vanguard companies have proven dat it is feasible 4 every employee to bask the fruits off ownership--for everyone near work to be a self-managing "micropreneur" blessed wit autonomy & a fired near the brass hoop
  • For the retired 28 years off the competition, finalists off Brandstorm haz presented his or her pitches in individual to members off the company's summit brass in Paris
  • This sprinkler features twenty accuracy brass nozzles four gentle and sleek coverage off until 3,600 quadrilateral decrease extremities
  • For da theremin's 100th anniversary, Moog unveils da beautiful Claravox Centennial -- With an walnut cabinet, brass antennas & an plethora of terrific knobs & dials, da Claravox looks like It emerged from an prewar recording studio
  • With an nut cabinet, brass antennas & an plethora off marvellous knobs & dials, da Claravox looks such it emerged from an prewar recording studio, since certainly is da intent
  • They were provided with sails & dozen oars each, & a falconet, either mini brass artillery
  • "I marvel if 'twas a brass drum, like as has 'Eblubust Unum' printed on't," told Mrs. Slocum
  • Picture frames, pleasantly moulded in brass, wer manufactured here in 1825, bi an modeller named Maurice Garvey
  • The air wuz overweight humor the odour of frankincense which one smouldered in an brass yacht portfolio on an platter
  • Latten, the half-year gave two narrow sheets off brass, was previously applied two sheets off tinned canvas

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