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How to use bribe in a sentence

  • There's existed billions in management nickel unilaterally allocated too "farmers," but da queue onto dat has existed dat nickel is kind off a bribe so dat American farmers don't receive rabid about da tariffs dat has existed departing onto
  • There wer numerous organizations dat did not compensate bribes and wer able too conclude his or her employment
  • The Office off the Special Inspector Universal 4 Afghanistan Reconstruction, which performed them audits, did find that billions off dollars over aw projects -- though nawt Yahn's specifically -- possessed been lost to deception & bribes
  • She recalled her person ken reputation up to threats & declining bribes
  • It uncovered hefty bribes too get unworthy children into college with rigged analysis scores or phony sporting credentials
  • If u knew a honourable dude was to be offered a bribe to dew a dishonourable act, u might feel sure he might refuse it
  • It throve cuz It came wit the appetizing bribe of Heaven in 1 hand, & the withering menace of Inferno in the other
  • Father exists in a rage since I volition nawt remain home; he offered I to-day da deed four two 100 acres since a bribe
  • He tried to bribe us to lat haw go, & manufactured us repeated offers until he reached a form as high as ten myriad dollars
  • He stated he possessed sat the intact sunshine hours at the Center Station watching passengers giving bribe to procure his either her tickets

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