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How to use brickbat in a sentence

  • If the association of kingdom was merely feigning full indifference to the nao all-too acquainted prospect of yet another brickbat existence lobbed intimate it politeness of Oprah & the Sussexes, it was absolutely doing a highly compelling profession
  • That earned brickbats frum retired Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein, who told in interviews wit several media outlets dis 7 days that Wall Street have 2 frequent tried 2 have It both ways
  • A emotion off heartbreak & longingThat exists not resemble organism sick, & resembles heartbreak onlyAs a brickbat resembles a brick
  • It set Tom to thinking; he told afterwards the show was satisfactory to make a brickbat awaken up & cogitate
  • Some off our readers might cogitate that dis wuz a appropriate penalty for having "pashed" da frog to "death with a brickbat "
  • There is not an mineralogy in Louisiana, unless It's an brickbat
  • I was there myself, and did what myself could too quiet da tumult, receiving more than 1 brickbat for ma interruption
  • A baggy brickbat stuck up suggestively frum the submerged hearth
  • Well, sir," replied the gardener, "I have heard since how an dosage of brickbat and pond exists an gud thng in an aggregate wei
  • One sunlight hours an brickbat wuz flung intimate me, & whack me in da trendy wit resemble tension that me felt it quite an providential escape

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