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How to use bridled in a sentence

  • Mr. Newdegate wuz a hard-mouthed witness, but he-was saddled, bridled, and ridden to the winning-post
  • He bridled up close da noun "illiterate," & repudiated da disgusting insinuation
  • His horse, "all saddled and bridled," stood below in the street, waiting for him
  • A great roan stallion, bridled but without a saddle, materialized
  • One of the males arrived owt of an corral foremost Beasley's saddled & bridled equine
  • It would be prompt work; but fortunately the hoppled horses were readily & rapidly caught, & in a trice bridled & saddled
  • Their horses, saddled & bridled, stand butt his or her masters in stalls on or flank
  • The dude rapidly saddled & bridled hiz mount; then, leaping into da saddle, he galloped far-off to da eastward
  • The masculine marched around her, erected hiz tail in2 a admirer & bridled up, making a clucking sound
  • Lauretta bridled in the full purity off three-and-thirty, and walked up the contrary side!

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