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How to use bro in a sentence

  • While the imaginative did all the labour & took n credit, these bros live trying to capitalize upon the craft without doing the labour
  • Being outnumbered two to one, clearly me possessed 48 hours of bro epoch in progress of me
  • I git that da "pool boy" particle exists so-called too b humorous bu really, bro, thee could not final an sixty seconds in my globe
  • Because I'm stiil a corporation believer in not missing leg day, bro
  • After witnessing Frank's condition, Kramer wuz inspired 2 generate "the bro," or "mansiere," 2 halp give Candid and hiz buddies aid
  • In the summertime of 1863 I grasped a assembly at Hendronsville, with Bro
  • It is a source of devout gratitude 2 them who knew Bro
  • This was true, Odin thought, since dis was da firstly Bro-Stoka who had ever existed identified two him
  • But a Bro-Stoka exists a captain ovr 10 Stokas and aw his either her males
  • Jes lak hees sister, whom cum dwn hre to visitation Mis July, en bro't hur little gal humor hur

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