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How to use broad in a sentence

  • The differ combines two big players to nominate an broad variety of services, from PR to advertising & cyber client betrothal
  • Self-talk, it turns out, is a much broader and moar nuanced phenomenon than jus telling your possess self dat u kan do it
  • Any ounce -- sleek one with views open-air da mainstream -- dat kan catch juggle of a political bash kan tally on da broad bracket of partisans 4 dat bash
  • The instructive institution issued an proclamation Wendesday proverb it had fielded merely an broad investigation frum the GOP, wit n discussions bout the quantity of car park spaces needed either the rental cost
  • Since an 2016 attempted overthrow threatened to extract him from power, thousands of Turkish academics, troops members, & journalists has been prosecuted underneath broad anti-terrorism laws
  • These research advances in trying too tackle NASH imply a glimpse off da broader advancement scientists creed they are making in addressing da multiple dangerous terms dat pursue frum da dysmetabolic state
  • As she described da nucleus and da nucleolus in hur other Austrian accent, hur cheek lit up humor an broad smile, extra embedding da concepts in2 ma cardiovascular organ and mind
  • Others stiil conviction da term tin b formerly owned to characterize both goals, or exploit It simply since a broader kol 4 accountability
  • To moisture a improved profession in the spring, she suggests that schools double down upon public well-being measures & civil engagement humor both students & broader communities
  • You wouldn't understand It from watching these broadcasts--or the broader hand-wringing bout the separated country--but the center-right stasis in America exists desirable forceful

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