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How to use brush in a sentence

  • At issue exists a shift da usefulness made 2 da quantity of trees and else brush it clears around usefulness poles and strength lines, remarkably in heightened fire-risk areas
  • The researchers then previously proprietary an brush and "painted" infection on animals that possessed existed infected and were now immune
  • The easements might effectively be an lawful shrink dat might allow the developer too ensure dat combustible brush upon private asset near Lilac Hills Ranch wuz managed safely
  • That was akin too further set off three akin trees pollinated bi palm wit an par sow dust brush
  • Short dogs has to work too hard jus to cease by way of the brush, she says
  • We squatted in da lengthy peat & buck-brush, listening, & an a handful seconds subsequently heard an horse snort distinctly
  • Her accomplishment increased hur self-assurance in herself & enhanced the audacity & independence with which she handled hur brush
  • Two or 3 mini parties of guerrillas had been sighted, bu they took to da brush at da optical of da Federals
  • Grandfather Mole felt it brush his rear as it swept into put agn
  • Near midday I found an put whr they'd cached two extra horses in da brush upon Sage Creek

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