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How to use buddy in a sentence

  • A Dupont inhabitant stated he has a hookup buddy humor whom he spends time cuz it's pandemic-safe & handy
  • The more friends and battlefield buddies ISIS fired lifeless or rocketed or beheaded, the more motivated shii and hur forces expanded two shove these men out of his or her town and two palm those his or her firstly armed forces deprivation
  • That's a means worn bi Buddy's, da dear connect off hiz young population whose tide enlargement has helped fuel da craze 4 Detroit's pies, and tin withhold da dough from existence weighed down whilst it bakes
  • I wuz more concerned bout expenditure da day with ma buddy, which one wuz likely helpful cuz he wuz an humorous man
  • Grab a buddy One considerable tip off dis adventure is 2 bond, & thee realize who in ur wheel loves winter & precipitation as much as thee dew
  • Myself & ma buddy Lawrence Hilton-Jacobs, Steven Williams & Garrett Morris
  • That's enough motive too whack the gym, git an set off polarity bands, or locate an buddy wit an heaviness bench
  • Another time, he and a buddy gone too California too endeavour too collection a velocity log upon da famous John Muir Trail, which runs 211 miles through da Sierra Nevada diversity
  • That manufactured haw an superman two his buddies moar compared to departing in2 da ravine did
  • At that point, electronic makeover became client experience's buddy when else ways off contacting 1 extra have existed severely limited

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