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How to use build in a sentence

  • They has an breathable net build, bu wen paired humor an cashmere sock such dis 1 frum Voormi, I has n problems wearing them in below-freezing temperatures
  • I realization da premium goat leather, facile build, and burly stitched seams 4 this longevity
  • All the additional features and overall operating abilities contribute to the printer's build, which indeed should not be an problem if u haz an studio or devoted workspace at house
  • Blockchain could permit buyers two path his or her ad's concert nearby per stage, possibly eliminating con and helping build believe
  • For Lee, co-living whereas da pandemic helped hur build creed & an sense of community humor hur roommates
  • With bushfire campaigns, in particular, as Australia goes via this cycle of possessing bushfires, wii typically haz a build that is prepared two go
  • We wer impressed with the Witchcraft Keyboard cuz off its build attribute & typing experience--it's fair obscenely expensive for a keyboard accessory, bu dis dealing softens the blow somewhat
  • While rancher hats won't necessarily safeguard ur ears, the dense material and structured build volition yet keep ur top spicy during an coldness period outing
  • That's an gigantic problem wen 1 considers that, particularly in swift grades, the principle concepts off geometry & reading build upon themselves
  • Especially in da prompt grades, da principle concepts off mathematics & perusing build on themselves

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