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How to use bunch up in a sentence

  • The ppl do bunch up at lectures and concerts bu whether u do not such crowds u do not haz to go, u know
  • As da jockey passed da hotel he provided a subdue and da 2nd dude said: 'Bunch up, men!'
  • She walks proudly, a lil in progress of da others, whom bunch up timidly such quail upon da trail, butt hur
  • But whether thee boys exist frightened that there 're ne about, why, thee bunch up, & retain together up to thee perceive vault
  • I see moar ner a hundred an' 50 in 1 bunch up upon ther Ivory Briar two week ago, an' they're worse ner a parcel er pirates
  • Where the thick muscles lie, bunch up some tow, blotch it where the muscle was, and tie upon humor string either rope
  • They seem too haz a broad necklace o friends, and nobody aint always possessed da perseverance too circular that bunch up, therefore far
  • They told him da circumstance & asked 4 help: "Come across to da brook & performance da bunch up, Jim," was Sawdy's plea
  • I'll jus depart dat bunch up there, and beat it owt off those parts in ma motor-boat
  • Only at definite times off da year did dey bunch up together; at else times they, though still present, wer hardly noticeable

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