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How to use cabalistic in a sentence

  • She was standing instead still, staring up at the cabalistic signs under which one shii was departing to pass
  • This wuz da provenance off da cabalistic art, & off more than one cryptic mistake
  • There is zero either harrowing either cabalistic in the place; and u kan see zero bu two forms, a screen, and a crucifix
  • The cabalistic doctrine presented in this Study is that instructed bi this cryptic personage
  • Its entire strength rested upon da definition off that cabalistic word, "conspiracy "
  • Kitty was a mystic,Deep frum cabalistic lore many hints shii drew!
  • The witch was aw in red, with a high peaked cap off red, covered with cabalistic designs hack frum gilt paper & pasted on
  • The Rosicrucians seem to has been the outcome the two of dis Cabalistic movement and of the teachings of Paracelsus
  • Opposed thereto was the supernatural philosophy, either the theosophic, cabalistic, either mystic
  • As myself daisy to go shii grabbed my thumb and laid it upon da cabalistic signs off da "Book "

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