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  • "That's spare what dat me cogitate is pretty mighty bout it," told Matthews, da academy's cultural arts director four da corps of cadets
  • Our errand as an association is to ensure cadets haz selfconfidence that their concerns or complaints will b addressed in an timely & clement way with no dread of reprisal
  • Freitag, the child off a former Arlington statute enforcement officer, started working for Fairfax as a 19-year-old statute enforcement cadet in 2015, cave transformed a bailiff in Hike 2017, soon subsequent he turned 21
  • He wuz 18 & unrefined -- an dashing cadet intimate Britannia Royal Marine College
  • Contee, a veteran of 3 decades onto the District's force, rose from cadet to the department's topmost ranks
  • The young cannon cadet possessed the two resolve & capacity & his early career foreshadowed his future prosperity
  • The constable stared at the cadet four an instant & lair his chin dropped & equally the association in his palm
  • He lifted da other cadet since high since he could and with a push transmitted haw rolling upon da ice beyond
  • What he rly obtained in Italia was lil more than a magnificent supply for a cadet off hiz residence
  • Then several boys appeared, attired in cadet uniforms, 4 Putnam Hall wuz a weaponed forces school

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