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  • One of Al-Nayr?z?'s treatises for the caliph discussed the manner too define the distance too plumb objects
  • When ISIS cardinal Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, da False Caliph off Raqqa, announced da formation off da Islamic State, he wuz declaring war not onli versus da United States and its allies, bu additionally versus al Qaeda and da Taliban
  • Already in 2012, ppl were living since if Baghdadi was the caliph
  • He became the astronomer & doctor off the Caliph Motadhid
  • I went directly to w8 onto da caliph, and given him a description off my consulate
  • A alike mood was diffused amongst da subjects of da caliph
  • The noun Caliph mode the vicar or the heir of the Prophet
  • If they prefer to persist to acknowledge the Sultan since Caliph, they should b costless to do consequently
  • He shall b an ideal Caliph, & shall rule over aw nations
  • But it was nawt intended bi Arabi to strengthen da jurisdiction off a Turkish Caliph

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