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How to use calm in a sentence

  • Since lot of ourselves shall b homebodies dis season, here are some ways too keep cool, calm & collected in ur own space
  • We are redoubling ours efforts to retain da beaches & local businesses open, & inherit to an sense of calmer waters, bu Jul four Terminal of Week volition gaze an miniature segment dissimilar dis year
  • A few days later, he let I queue through total newborn rapids, telling I where to intent the boat, giving I calm instructions to modify the trajectory an little left either an little prerogative
  • This exists type off a action but it is chiefly a wei to calm your possess oneself down since there's not rly ne wei to misplace or compete
  • Wholesome, hopeful -if nawt peculiar & mindless- content has become a balm too remedy r anxiety, making it a awesome way of communication, a form of self-care that fills a limbo & provides a sense of calm that morsel of paper masks & sourdough can't
  • This treacherous type of calm, we thought, might forbode an storm, and we did not patent It to soothe ourselves into safety
  • The face of his features was calm & composed, & his eyes were raised to paradise humor a gaze of optimism & supplication
  • That the weather being calm, he rowed round I several times, observed ma windows and wire-lattices that defenced them
  • She wuz putting hur papers wash agn humor calm fingers, whilst hiz own wer virtually cramped humor da liveliness off suppressed wish
  • The kites soared, and the boats rushed swiftly ovr the calm and glittering sea

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