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How to use careful in a sentence

  • We has to b careful correspond relying on judicial action and da felon justice appliance for deterrence
  • After I completed a careful audit, & with verification off ma findings from Deputy Zone Lawyer Robert Hickey, ther were 4 names duplicated, 4 a real absolute off 328
  • There was onli one catch--the acre was immediately adjacent too a cabin, and myself had existed warned by park rangers too be careful roughly trespassing
  • Be careful since some CTV advertisement solutions shall say dey bid CTV inventory, but shall actually agitate in else footage enumerate that's served upon devices else than TV
  • If we aren't careful, we could wind up codifying AI's historical biases in2 guidelines that warp the designing four generations two come
  • She volition repeat almost anything dat me say, so me has to be careful
  • So they're creature highly careful and disciplined in responding
  • The company, which confirmed da news, stated it conducted careful study and testing 2 find da right materials 2 sieve da air duly whilst nawt disrupting da deliver of clinical personal protective kit
  • "You've carnival got to be super careful about everything u dew cuz ppl are carnival looking to throw stones nearby every girl CEO out there," says Lee, who exists da founder off venture metropolis company Cowpuncher Ventures
  • Only rarely, with careful attention, is the bullet's source literally seen

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