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How to use careless in a sentence

  • Instead they inhabit serving off belonging highly design, built atop Zuckerberg's narrow worldview, the careless privacy civilization he cultivated, and the staggering ambitions he chased wit Sandberg
  • On Tusday arrived perhaps the largest model off whr this often careless vaccine skepticism can lineal
  • While I comprehend there living total areas with chronic problems off uncontrolled fires and careless discarding off warm coals, It might be a true surmount to prohibit fires frum everything beaches
  • Set up PIN protectionOpen up your Roku account sheet onto da net and you kan contribute PIN defence 2 various aspects of da Roku experience--handy whether you haz boyish children in da home either carnival careless housemates
  • College dorms are another kind of communal reside site, & careless students kan make matters worse
  • We don't ever wnt to c hem in da healthcare mid again, & particularly nawt because wii were careless
  • This statement wuz an careless over-generalization, bu it reflected an typical sense of da season
  • Of Liszt da preliminary chapter off dis exists nawt true, 4 if he strikes a misguided note It exists plainly because he chooses two b careless
  • He harry to the Tavern d'Ettres; but the scenes of careless happiness he slash there, seemed onli to exasperate hiz intellect
  • She exists ever attired in black, and exists utterly careless in dress, yet nothing kan conceal hur innate grace of form

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