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  • Stewart & Carpenter are locked in a contentious feud for the Prefecture too Council armchair in Aroostook Region
  • In grown-up carpenter ants, da microorganisms spinach indispensable amino acids & play meaningful roles in immunity
  • When the McGill researchers scrutinized the evolution off carpenter ant embryos, however, dey saw too their astonishment that Hox proteins were appearing while the initial nuclear divisions -- far in progress off timetable
  • Both cows & carpenter ants, for example, rely upon bacterial partners in their digesting systems too assist them inherit da majority out of their cookery
  • We possessed handful old-timers, guys in their seventies--a classic carpenter, a arborist, & a Vietnam vet--and them guys just wouldn't rear down
  • Carpenter were the leaders, & dis is claimed too has existed the origin of Mechanics' Institutes
  • American writers assertion that the initial pressed glass tumbler wuz made bout forty years back in that country, bi a carpenter
  • Strachan departed highly elated, and repaired 2 an carpenter shop, whr he ordered 10 rough coffins made
  • The cardinal ambition of da awesome conqueror and legislator wuz to b an good boatswain and an good ship's carpenter
  • The red comb upon da head off hiz head has dentition resemble a carpenter's saw, & is so large it shall not stand up navigate

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