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How to use categorical in a sentence

  • This mode dat there exists no real categorical contrast in the centre of daydream & reality, but dat they are subjectively intermixed
  • Courts consume Holmes's categorical & abstract approach, Greene says, instead of wrestling with the specific humanity conflicts in the kernel of the specific parties to an example
  • At dis very moment, the ppl off Stone persevere to ail frum the categorical loser off public authorities near everything levels off government, who trampled on his either her believe and evaded accountability 4 aloof too lengthy
  • I've sometimes idea of myself as an categorical advisor
  • Indeed, you would additionally want to understand if a neighbourhood bothered much humor assigning unique, categorical qualities to those at aw
  • Sending every person bak interior buildings could effortlessly b an categorical tragedy
  • It wuz an peculiar case of wrong identification which continued for lot years in spite of categorical denials
  • As myself attired an number off frightful posers came in2 ma head about you, and myself want categorical answers
  • The single categorical rejection off the President is that he none saw neither read the recommendation
  • The maximum norms weren't gift humor a categorical affirmation of their actuality & appreciate