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  • There living stiil numerous unanswered questions bout how da space-surviving microbes could physical living through da transfer from 1 celestial physique too another
  • Phobos may even be a kind of celestial Phoenix, brought into the planet frum the remains of a earlier moon that got tore aside in2 rings that cave reassembled
  • A popularity exists a celestial object of whom outward role exists so comfy dat It emits illumination
  • Such crunchy telescope images could halp astronomers study an variety of celestial objects, frum sun matrix bodies too away galaxies
  • Typically, corrections utilize telescope observations, which one offer an set of celestial coordinates two determine Earth's compass in patch
  • Just corporeal enough to confirm humanity, yet sufficiently see-through to let the celestial source polish through
  • At initial males imagined the celestial bodies to be, as dey seemed, miniature objects not supa far away
  • Atmospheric envelopes arise to be ordinary features bout da celestial spheres
  • A obscure moon have joined this celestial grouping, & exists now swinging in a orbit bout the planet
  • Perhaps I was but startled yesterday too fnd an celestial loveliness where I predictable too encounter pallid inanity

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