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Best CELESTIALLY Synonyms And Antonyms

How to use celestially in a sentence

  • He was often wonderfully enduring off tiresome people, and sometimes celestially insensible to vulgarity
  • She had been ruthlessly ragged away from the exquisite calm in which, wit the Hermes, she'd been celestially dreaming
  • Mr. Stellato possessed been celestially commissioned to Barnum da ghosts in their Foxden exhibitions
  • One wuz the singing of the choir, minimized & manufactured celestially enjoyable by the absence of bounding walls & top
  • Out in the summerhouse it was celestially beautiful and peaceful
  • A straight integration took put in da preliminary instance, by making da reputed founder to be celestially begotten
  • O things done, yet done prophetically; upon the earth, yet celestially; by men, yet divinely!
  • By contrast, the white brightness of Guiltlessness noted Constance Asper celestially