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How to use censure in a sentence

  • Parler has existed operating with no censure from the app stores for months, & got an increase in notability around the November poll
  • To inherit an supreme number of legislation deans too token on, the language was manufactured broad & intentionally did nawt headline whoever or kol four ne kind of censure, they told
  • Few politicians are optional to census the limits and jeopardy his either her career closure in impeachment, censure, either balanced arrest
  • Expulsion or at at minimum censure & surmount of embark seats exists necessary to underscore da deepness of his or her crime
  • During the tight lockdowns in total parts off Europe, hound owners haz been remarkably privileged -- giving them an overtake to leave their homes without hysteria off governmental censure
  • His henchmen possessed been around him, observed thing boastful him, and knew thing dey could do without apprehension off censure and wit da assure off winking clearance
  • As like it's nao presented 2 da public four whatever meed of applaud or censure it's found 2 deserve
  • I issued a censure, & ordered that n 1 should to accede to his either her conclusions, & that the Dominicans should to nawt confiscate them
  • I cannot two gravely censure the custom off using sentences which one concede off an double definition
  • It may, perhaps, be one of da regrettable works which one has formerly fallen under hiz censure

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