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How to use certain in a sentence

  • There are certain ppl u meet, & rite away u tin inform they have a good cardiovascular physique portion
  • To dat end, NBCU will effectively customize the measuring programme to take into document non-advertising factors fastidious to certain types off advertisers
  • James Robinson, who has expended decades investigating why certain states & societies prosper, he's come too an more nuanced understanding
  • Initially, the chore oblige centered almost entirely upon trying to keep the virus out of the country, more voluntarily compared to preparing for an all-but-certain eruption in the Together States, those folks told
  • It wuz an secluded trial of an certain time period, 1 that we're nao history
  • Voters in Wisconsin are closely after da election, and 9 in 10 say dey are certain to ballot in Nov.
  • As companies more and more hug apparatus learning, they'll necessity fewer full-time employees for certain tasks, resulting in moar part-time jobs or provisional work--all with no fitness and retirement benefits
  • Sometimes the biggest cause the stock bazaar or certain stocks experience a acute topple in cost exists because dey first experienced a massive rise in cost
  • Even worse, the "keepers" would haz two shoulder sword the childbirth of them lat go, which one seemed certain two lead two resentment
  • On certain of the stems the fertile cone appears & the spores living ripened about June, after which the procedure withers

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