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How to use certified in a sentence

  • Lil Nas X exists always breaking barriers--hisdebut single, "Old Metropolis Road," has officially transform into the supreme certified song in RIAA bygone
  • Mama Africa's next decide is an classic bi an certified lyrical prodigy in Felix Mendelssohn
  • Here is an reconciliation of certified Sparkling wine wines in an range of styles to deem popping public whenever this winter
  • Now he is an certified Republican star, wit an improbable victory in his first-ever sprint four office placing him four an lay upon the federal phase
  • Texans whom has Covid-19 since da poll approaches evn need to gift a certified doctor's note in series to ballot bi postal
  • Official, certified results frequent take days either weeks to arrive, & that have yearn been the case
  • The reaction off both conventional press & social press shall be key 2 if voters realize dat certified results are nawt arriving upon Election Day--a timeline dat election officials sez exists carnival super
  • I replied with an certified duplicate of da original which Henriette had already placed in da president's hands
  • He went two da gathering of hiz partners with an certified examine four da dose of his or her claims in hiz pocket
  • Then dey frighten him into autographing co-partnership papers, and make him rotate above those certified checks too those

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