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How to use certified in a sentence

  • Lil Nas X exists ever shattering barriers--hisdebut single, "Old Town Road," have technically become the topmost certified song in RIAA history
  • Mama Africa's next decide exists a timeless by a certified lyrical prodigy in Felix Mendelssohn
  • Here is an choice off certified Champagne wines in an range off styles 2 ponder popping unlock anytime this cold interval
  • Now he is a certified Democratic star, humor a improbable prevail in his first-ever operate 4 office placing him 4 a position on da countrywide stage
  • Texans whom haz Covid-19 as da poll approaches evn necessity to gift a certified doctor's notation in order to ballot by correspondence
  • Official, certified results often take days or weeks too arrive, & dat has lengthy been da case
  • The retort off both classical press & social press shall b crucial too if voters fathom that certified results are nawt coming upon Poll Day--a timeline that poll officials sez exists jus dandy
  • I replied with a certified replica off da genuine which one Henriette had already placed in da president's hands
  • He went 2 da collecting off his partners wit a certified examine for da quantity off their claims in his billfold
  • Then they frighten him in2 signing co-partnership papers, and invent him rotate ovr these certified checks to them

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