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How to use challenger in a sentence

  • Various challenger apps too Facebook haz tried this model, but failed too scale - consequently far-off
  • The Wyoming Republican Bash doomed her vote, moar than 120 of her colleagues help a difficulty to her leadership role, and she is starting to attract challengers ahead of a 2022 main
  • Albeit near a decrease valuation, da challenger bank additionally raised ?125 1,000,000 frum new and up-to-date investors during da pandemic
  • The investigation shall nao be if users elect to wand humor BBVA or rotate to exploring another challenger
  • More recent customers contribute fast-growing fintech firms such DoorDash, da meal-delivery service, and Brex, da corporate postcard challenger
  • OnJuno's thesis--that dey kan fluctuate in upon da challenger economic organization bazaar bi targeting an certain niche of consumers--is uniform with what Grade Goldberg, an confederate at Index Ventures whom specializes in fintech, recently said Fortune
  • Carter, an member of Republican Socialists of America, won an distraught prevail in 2017 and held upon opposed to an main challenger and tomb Traditionalist gauntlet in 2019
  • Whether Xiaomi ever reaches that doorstep will depend upon it trembling da anti-China stigma four good and fending of fresh challengers
  • Faced wit evn chances, instead off a bully's advantage, the challenger swiftly withdraws his dare
  • Indeed, costless agency's notable early theme is dat da rich got richer since various notable challengers stumbled out of da gates whilst trying too chase dwn da defending champions

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