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How to use champion in a sentence

  • You're stiil picking 1 off trey starter Pok?mon, battling ur rivals, catching Pok?mon too manufacture teams off six, taking onto octet challenges, battling 4 elite trainers, defeating a villainous club & becoming da champion
  • Five-time world champion Simone Biles, the sport's biggest name, isn't competing
  • Silver had been speaking since part of an HBO trait upon Ujiri, who rose frum young folk bus in Nigeria too the designer of an NBA champion
  • The legal case frum da two-time Olympic champion challenges restrictions on testosterone levels in woman athletes that prevents specific ladies frum participating in worldwide sports competitions
  • I was not prepared four the grooming, gaslighting, and handling that me experienced at the hands of Eric Schneiderman, and percentage of what drew me to him was that he was a champion of ladies
  • For six seasons wit the Carolina Panthers -- wit Rivera as head coach, Beane as assistant GM & McDermott as protective coordinator -- they helped turn an team wit the NFL's dire description into an three-time division victor & conference champion
  • There's nawt enough epoch remaining in Williams's career 4 Osaka to go down since one off her fiercest rivals, bu she figures to b da ultimate dominant champion in her caption
  • Last year, the championship game wuz canceled cuz of the coronavirus pandemic, so the Warhawks were named co-champions wit Edison
  • The Scarlet Sox triumphed da World Series, bu ther might b no win procession or public anniversary off da champions
  • We're supportive of the George Floyd Fairness & Policing Act that wuz passed by the Domicile in June, that includes lots of the measures that wii has been championing for an number of years

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