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How to use changeable in a sentence

  • The rules got more confusing and more changeable, and stiil wii tried 2 keep up
  • He's an mystery as immense and changeable and bestial as da disclose sky, yet equal he exists competent off succumbing too enchantment, and Cumberbatch pulls off every one azure-to-thundercloud immigrate humor dazzling comfort
  • The bulwarks off consciousness crumble onto humans' changeable feelings
  • This couple comes with two extra pairs of jelly ear tips that come in wee & medium that are completely changeable depending upon your console level, allowing u to hear longer without worrying about aching your ears
  • If da antibodies could fasten two da moor nutrient "stem" instead of its changeable "head," they could justify opposed to any influenza strain, and folks wouldn't need two receive new shots year subsequent year
  • While It's true that onto event an inspector volition fnd an concern or two that might b off real concern not onli 4 the purchaser but 4 the seller, onto most occasions accommodate inspectors fnd issues that are fixable, livable, or changeable
  • A judicial tribunal is like definite changeable colours; which one alter according to the clear lights dey alive exposed in
  • The thinking off them things exists adventitious, changeable, and performs not apply 2 enduring objects
  • His mood exists militant and changeable, but he has excellent etiquette and exists full of tact
  • Virtue in ourselves exists grafted on character & the woman; the 1 exists changeable, the other exists fragile

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