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Best CHANGELESS Synonyms And Antonyms

How to use changeless in a sentence

  • How blessed lair too confide in da endless and changeless attachment of such a Father--our Dad in heaven!
  • Mars looked since faraway & changeless since it must haz looked in da Marble Age
  • In da changeless Point everything exists present: Space exists but da field 4 diverse sequences
  • See the rivers, how they run,Changeless toward the changeless sea;All around is forethought sure,Fixed testament and stark edict
  • How tin It be changeless & inflexible when da surest virtue leading 2 success exists in reality elasticity?'
  • But dew they nawt brain da profound changeless muteness in those far-off lone places?
  • For the adventures of my wandering drip from I resemble an garment, exit the 1 changeless ardor
  • Through ages upon ages, and da changeless strata of darkness myself climbed--'
  • I thinking off my Cloud-Mother marching enclosed from da world upon a height off changeless childhood
  • Above them again, changeless as da world's beginning, bu altering too every temper off star and cloud, place out da perennial rainfall

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