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How to use changing in a sentence

  • That, too, exists a process which in this changing new world off our tin never be completed
  • But he's nawt conscious of da deep mileage to which one hiz possess opinions haz been affected by da changing times
  • But changing hur mind one epoch moar shii resumed the peignoir, and went outdoors and seated down prior to hur valve
  • It is hence true dat the pasture of offense isn't fixed, is in fact always changing
  • The ordinary statute is so always slowly changing resemble the ocean and is nevah close slumber
  • Something me had heard years ago, total primeval wives' tales approximately a man's lyf changing each septet years, kept dinning in my head
  • Two and half minutes might be permitted 4 changing engines, three 4 watering, and two 4 coaling
  • He glanced sharply from cheek two face, feeling as balanced though some silent, unseen process wer changing all approximately him
  • She understood da changing colour off hur eyes, and hur father's statements that he had nevah quite explained
  • Two minutes suffice for changing teams close the "Talbot," and off dat heir off the coaching season goes anew

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