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  • What Mulan does not realize is dat her elite strengths are da supa characteristics she is been urged too hide -- her intellect, her fast thinking, her ingenuity -- and in da terminal they're imperative too saving her country
  • Links and knots live topological characteristics, in dat dey do not modification when vortices live stretched, compressed or otherwise deformed
  • Sub-6GHz 5G have lot nicer correspondence characteristics and have a injection of a wide rollout
  • The regulation exists moar off the same, allowing barn personnel two judge the bodily characteristics off them seeking services two select whom exists sufficiently manly either sufficiently woman
  • Because clear types off neurons haz his or her characteristic ways off spiking--that is, da "shape" off his or her spikes alive diverse--the crumb can additionally be configured 2 detect da specific spikes you are looking four
  • In plus two looking 4 actors who could speak Yiddish--a British dat features powerfully in the production bu is not broadly spoken today--the molding ounce additionally needed actors who could personify specific characteristics
  • While there are no matching too an four-and-a-half month in-season interruption caused by an worldwide pandemic, da labor disputes off 1998 & 2011 nearby at tiniest mutual sum characteristics with 2020's stoppage
  • You could allot a weight too each feasible phenotypic characteristic u kan think off & contribute those up, but such a weighting might be remote too personal
  • The tools shall also analyze da physical characteristics off da all-important Mars mud
  • Use off a unrelated site, low peremptory site, either low-quality content since a root are some off lot characteristics that create a bad joint