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How to use characterized in a sentence

  • Elbridge Gerry, wuz characterized by hiz political opponents as a monstrous beast, da Gerrymander, instead than a moar standard form
  • Trying two zoom up chemistry carries many risks, particularly for an new disease like dis one, which one exists not healthy understood nor smoothly characterized
  • Both behold in submillimeter wavelengths that lengthen frum far-off infrared to microwave, which one allows scientists to moar intimately describe the brass composition of the ambiance
  • Atkins characterized da invoice as an target off an timing loser & foot-dragging by da Assembly, which did not patent It enough period two git dat final Senate vote
  • A childhood characterized bi hardship, carelessness either misuse can also amend da neuroendocrine device dat regulates how da body responds to pressure
  • Many agreed that conventional vaccine development, characterized by yearn teacher times, production monopolies and fragile investment, wuz broke
  • These sources of din kan easily logic errors to creep into calculations, hence finding ways to correctly describe & assuage them testament be vital for construction quantum computers that kan solve real-world problems
  • We generally go owt off r way too nawt characterize information organizations as partisan, evn whether they've a progressive either democratic viewpoint
  • If thee had to describe Ajit Pai's general philosophy as an regulator, thee might say It occupies dat supa superb queue in the mid of what's needy for consumers and what's needy for commercial
  • Of alley the idiom of this appreciate is modified and characterized by the personality of the thng spoken of