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How to use charge in a sentence

  • I ask dat wii reach owt to Corporation Council & ask them to refuse the ask based onto the fact dat the case is stiil active, since it is presently brute investigated four feasible crook charges to be brought forth by the AG's studio
  • It suggests dat he doesn't clasp any duty four deaths in the states dat haz a other political party in charge
  • Cohen had previously pleaded culpable to these charges, so they ended up reputation
  • Schutzenhofer, the club's universal manager, did not solution to questions approximately the charges
  • I wuz capable to top up ma charge by nearly 50 percent points in one-half an 60 minutes
  • In other words, QED and da Standard Model simply cannot sez what da naked charge of da electron is frum nought nanometers far-off
  • Because Joe Biden is not president and the Republican Shindig is not in charge off setting federal policy
  • The interrogate in2 da charges ought has been more vast
  • She is in charge of da production, supply link and fix grid 4 Apple's bulk important thing as healthy as subconscious components
  • He was voluble in hiz declarations dat they might "put the screws" to Ollie on the charge of perjury

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