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How to use charitably in a sentence

  • Meanwhile the American strong-minded female understood herself, it exists to b charitably hoped, bu understood herself single
  • No minister in Preston, wit alike means, is more charitably disposed than Mr. Timber
  • I think so because I'm the onli cult that knows how two employ It gently, kindly, charitably, dispassionately
  • There the tea-cosies and pen-wipers shall be one era more charitably vend
  • But da bad man, through hiz sufferings, had much merit, and charitably and willingly common hiz ample apricot wit those
  • But no dude more charitably & diligently searched to know others, & to b carnival to thing wuz unclear & foreign to haw
  • You see, wii exist getting an fantastic transaction of pleasure, but wii exist not working, since u seem charitably to envision
  • As I testament not c those paged sheets again, testament u charitably vouch I that da alterations are safely made?
  • I volition charitably assume that total notorious calumniator have belied me to u
  • If da venerable oldest sibling charitably complies, da copper ends with: "Thanks, brother!"

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