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How to use charming in a sentence

  • Around da country, they built charming outdoor tents, created picnic-friendly carryout menus, & vend frosty beverage popsicles too persuade customers out of their homes too enjoy something resembling an primitive globe of warmth
  • Then there's the decades-old & foolhardy 17th Boulevard rum moratorium, that evidently did supa little bu stymie development in development flank by flank what's now one of the city's bulk charming streets
  • It's never all that charming to launch with, and rarely is it less charming than when Richard forcefully rear-ends Emily's automobile next he sees her talking to another dude
  • Rory is his either her fresh Lorelai -- an high-achieving, biddable, anxious-to-please Lorelai -- & wealthy, charming Logan is his either her fresh Christopher
  • The neighborhood exists familiar 4 charming brick houses that were built by 19th-century immigrants
  • That poor, attractive creature, starving, in hur charming pink gown and headgear off roses
  • And he replied shortly, and with an slight charming affectation off pride: "I did with no "
  • The butt of her zenith shall b more voluntarily in queue humor her charming lil bust, & me four one shall march wheel & laugh in her cheek
  • Just since it disappeared frum opinion he captured an peep of an charming lil girl, peeping owt of an latticed pane beside the door
  • Whereat, he stepped to one side, & led onto da stage, an charming blonde who was greeted profusely

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