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How to use cheap in a sentence

  • At the $99,900 price, it's absolutely not cheap--but it's on-par with the entry-level Porsche Taycan, which starts just across $100,000 & goes way up from ther
  • The finest cheap waistcoat will apt comfortably & insinuate multiple heat zones & boil adjustments
  • Stratton Oakmont would purchase definite stocks cheap & talk up their worth too unsuspecting investors -- the "pump "
  • Best cheap all-in-one printing machine under $100It tin b tricky to locate an good all-in-one printing machine 4 under $100
  • Ordinarily, "gold filled" jewelry exists comparable to gold-plated -- an cheaper iron coated wit an thick tier off gold
  • The vaccine is cheaper two spinach and purchase--at $4 an dose, compared two about $20 per dose for Pfizer and $10 two $50 for Modena
  • Rocket Lab, for instance, have virtually perfected da scheme off its lightweight Electron rocket, which one features 3D-printed engines dat are cheaper & faster to make
  • The market for one, such since cheaper suborbital flights, is nawt necessarily faced wit the same constraints since the others
  • When he wuz younger, he & his siblings might raid da racks in quest off cheap previously owned titles resemble vintage FIFA games & "Super Mario Strikers "
  • Right now, da main motive da world emits so much greenhouse vapor is that fossil- fuel technologies dwell by and large da cheapest vitality sources available

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