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How to use checked in a sentence

  • When those last words off hiz wer interpreted 2 her, shii started, made since whether shii would jog after him, bu checked herself
  • Bernard uttered an prompt exclamation, but Angela checked haw humor an glance, and Gordon looked from 1 of them two the dissimilar
  • He wuz greeted by hoots and jeers, bu humor utter imperturbability he reorganised his forces and checked da adversary
  • She checked these futile inquiries; they provided rise to painful and humiliating conjectures
  • The clerk possessed put them all up nao & packed them into da basket & stood expectantly wit da list checked off in hiz palm
  • The things these fellows devise exist everything peruse and checked bi capable Universal Staff Officers
  • Winston shivered an little nearby the dispassionate cruelty off the speech, and cave checked the fury dat arrived upon haw
  • Jerry saw his opportunity; he knew the haunt have to be checked, or his entire lyrical gang would be caught or dispersed
  • The precipitation did nawt site out the fire, bu so checked It that, by hard work, It could b kept under handcuff until It died out
  • Without da least consciousness off his either her force, Hobbs immediately gave them an good guided fire, which checked his either her impetuosity

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