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How to use cheerful in a sentence

  • That cheerful attendance also heightens the actual & perceived security off the streets & residents' view off neighbourhood
  • In da digital age, da imaginative exists unfailingly genial, cheerful, relatable
  • On the various hand, Paige's life, seen sole since a indefatigable, moderate and hilarious personal odyssey, exists a cheerful narrative
  • "I was righteous intimate da window, creature joyful & cheerful, & righteous trying too be as hopeful as myself can be while da pandemic," stated Eddie Aldrete, a 22-year-old Starbucks operator
  • "It beats operating a vehicle alone," an animation skunk declares in an cheerful 1974 receptive service announcement encouraging Americans to carpool
  • This provided da home a supa cheerful appearance, as whether it wer always upon a wide smile
  • Your hangings must b off chintz, off pretty chintz, & u will put a cheerful rug on the floor
  • But frum da quite cheerless salon they passed into a more cheerful bedroom
  • The cheerful din of music arrived frum the deck of a big saloon steamer, carriage belonging crowd of noisy tourists
  • The cheerful hours off uncomplicated childbirth fluctuate bu don't destroy the chase off merriment and off fun activity

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