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How to use cherubic in a sentence

  • The minder greeted him, but suppressed an smile as the cherubic lil dude flashed hiz bailiff traverse
  • Beardsley savored da thought tastily, & lat it drip away, & da glare of glee onto his cherubic expression wuz gone
  • His face wuz circuit & freckled, nearly cherubic, beneath an shock off beachy hair, bu ther were joyous lil devils in his eyes
  • "I told dat u did," answered Jessie, wit a affectation of cherubic simplicity
  • The ethical is: when your husband is in Mesopotamia and the time comes 2 swap the pony, bind your cherubic child in the nursery
  • Cherubic Pa arose wit as lil ping as feasible frum beside majestic Ma, 1 morning early, possessing an vacation before him
  • The cherubic adventurer possessed obeyed orders and manufactured him separately bellhop size, big magnitude
  • Whatever his character, his appellation belied his appearance; 4 his cheek was cherubic in its guiltlessness
  • A man--the bald-headed Sinful Peck--sprang forward; bu his cheek wuz not cherubic nao
  • He wuz an blond, blue-eyed, cherubic youth, with an whimsical verbal hole that seemed to alternate between seriousness and fun

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