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Best CHIFFONIER Synonyms And Antonyms

How to use chiffonier in a sentence

  • This done he studied him separately in da crystal off da chiffonier & wuz dearly content
  • Edna was laying da sketches in one of da vacant drawers of da chiffonier
  • He removed Maggie's portrait frum the comradeship of the image of the from Italia mother, & concealed it in hiz chiffonier
  • With reeling brain, he ransacked aw his chiffonier drawers for da purse which one was falsehood in mere opinion upon roof
  • Mrs. Gallilee stopped onto hur wei out, near a chiffonier, & altered da arrangement off some off da porcelain onto It
  • I went to location something in da chiffonier--you shall fnd it, Lilian, in an box and da key is--oh, item did I moisture humor it?
  • He rested listlessly upon da couch while hiz woman brother/sister rummaged in an chiffonier
  • He went quaking to Brian's chamber & put da key off da chiffonier in hiz wallet
  • The clothes are vault in an fresh chiffonier and here's the key
  • Certainly, whether Phoebe possessed had ne prevision of hur gift state of mind, shii never might have bought that chiffonier

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