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  • This was firstly reported was in 2001, wen fecundity doctor Kutluk Oktay, then at Weill Clinical College of Cornell University, reported froze strips of ovarian muscle taken frum ladies who needed either wanted to lag childbearing
  • Women humor higher academic levels, especially unmarried women, caution for to put off childbearing up to his either her early 30s
  • Female athletes often countenance a hard option ambient motherhood, since r prime athletic years generally additionally go down indoor r prime childbearing years
  • The notion off an ticking life science watch entered my head, & I became awake dat my childbearing years were starting too dwindle
  • Add to dat the fact dat women's childbearing years exist limited and some may feel beneath force to git pregnant
  • At the terminal off the childbearing time menstruation slowly ceases
  • The globe is turning circle & ovr & back to dat 1 retired historical era when the dislike to childbearing was widespread
  • After twenty-five years bearing, & forbearing, & childbearing, you shall grin at ur gentle-shepherding off to-day
  • It exists most major that da childbearing hubby and mother haz a lengthy interval of remainder between births
  • She made her shall in the avowed expectation dat shii was bout to undergo the perils of childbearing