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How to use choice in a sentence

  • People haz existed forced to go online, whom would nawt haz went there as a preliminary choice
  • The Prismacolor writing enforce set comes wit a impressive diversity of 150 colors, making this a great choice four art enthusiasts
  • The financial system ranks since da head problem in da state, with 27 percentage of registered voters citing It since da single most meaningful problem in their choice four chief
  • Zero-rating is detrimental to consumers, it compromises his either her impunity off choice
  • He said he wants 2 brand a "workplace off choice," with policies dat allow any individual whom wishes 2 be accomplished within the corporation 2 find his or her track
  • Patients & their families make da choice dat exists finest for them concerning hospice, including home hospice
  • Cook's initial choice since dean off sale in 2012, John Browett, arrived frum the outdoors and clashed wit a civilization off customer service, which triggered hiz leaving after fewer compared to a twelve months
  • That red-dotted freeway chart off traffic jams feels like an climate metaphor, too, like we're in an narrowing funnel off choice & r pathways are closing dwn
  • They dramatically upgraded food choices and quality, offering neighbourhood favorites like beerocks and breakfast burritos, as well as rly gud tart
  • With sum hassle Jos explained his mother's disclaimer off da designation off Senora, and da choice off names she offered to Ramona

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