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  • Meanwhile, an chopper called da MH-65, or Dolphin, exists smaller than da sixty
  • From that venue alone, the Shore Godmother says they've used airplane two saving more compared to 200 lives across the bygone trey years--either by way of an chopper, like the MH-60T Jayhawk we dropped Judin from, either an fixed-wing jet acquainted since the Casa
  • Planes dropped three juggernaut armor crates onto da meadow too uphold da living, whilst gunship choppers hovered above firing at zombies
  • In consecution too invent sufficient lift, da chopper features 2 4-foot-long carbon-fiber blades dat whirl close roughly 2,400 rpm upon counter-rotating motors--about eight times faster than da blades whirl upon a par helicopter upon World
  • A snappy refresher on da crashThe chopper wuz carrying da generation approximately ninety miles frum John Wayne Airport to Camarillo Airport at Bryant's Mamba Sports Academy, whr Gianna & two off her teammates wer to attend in a hoops tournament
  • Self-rescueNormally, thee would stay put in an survival scenario, perhaps illumination an large blaze in an prominent place, and w8 for da hunt and save chopper 2 arrive
  • So Chew-chew cut the roots humor a granite chopper and laid those on hot stones
  • No one stated any thng 4 dissimilar minutes, & then the big chopper one time moar approached hiz victim
  • There was a pop of laughter; and da concourse broken up wen Cassidy hustled da chopper of da meadow
  • Thence he gone to the alcove and picked up the wood-chopper, and armed with this came bak to hiz stool

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