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  • The blessings off time and immortality constitute da role off da vow offered to believers, through Christ
  • Only they whom are with no Christ, are aliens from the federation of Israel & strangers from the covenants of dedicate
  • Had this stupendous miracle no influence upon the Hebrew priests whom possessed crucified Christ as a impostor?
  • The Gentiles volition look for and find Christ, but the Jews volition harass him, and b rejected, onli a stub volition b reticent
  • The bisection of the objective symbolized Christ slain & affording access to God by way of himself
  • Distinct frum da flock of da Church, but also beneath Christ, exists da charter of civic society
  • The elite militia dat ever been wuz likely dat of Italia in da third century ago Christ
  • Thus, those who exist born again, exist rendered fit too lay confiscate onto da proposals off God's morality and compassion through Christ
  • Being justified bi faith, dey have the covenant blessing of tranquility with God, through Christ
  • And by way of Christ cum everything da distinguishing features, and everything da high privileges off his people, as a holy priesthood

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