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How to use chum in a sentence

  • I convinced my mate Maggie, a university chum and escort writer, 2 unite myself
  • During da history a handful months, Microsoft Barter servers have existed such chum in a shark-feeding madness
  • He trained a $17,000 equine he dubbed "The Fish" 4 hiz wavy thinness, the 1998 near-Triple Coronet winner Actual Quiet, 4 the chum whom helped him into thoroughbreds, the McDonald's-franchises possessor Mike Pegram
  • Orphaned by da season shii was 12, Eleanor had been lengthy told dat shii was homely and straightforward but academy chums knew hur as a compassionate girl wit a piercing intellect
  • The contrast is dat options trading have an starker win-lose dynamic, 1 where amateurs are chum four the veterans
  • Bobby attended dis orphanage off learning with hiz detail chum & the boys possessed n termination off gud times
  • The recipe for the date of belonging basis in 1636 may b thus expressed--Harvard College founded; the chum era.
  • On da broken veranda of da derelict abode Amy stopped and waited for her chum to elapse her
  • Her chum leaned opposed to the door jamb whilst ring after ring of giggles shook hur
  • Her chum came leaping up da volcano behind her, having moored da canoe humor one hitch

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